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August 2019 Lecture [Limited Seats Available]

Learn To Radically Transform Your Life And Tap Into Your Bodies Innate Potential in 90 Minutes! 

  • Learn How To Cut The Egoic Knots To Liberate Yourself And Thrive More Than Ever Before 

  • The Keys To Penetrate The Noise of The Past and The Future And Finally Enter The Present

  • Learn How To Leave The Shallow End of Victimhood And Embody The Inner Victor

  • Begin To Bare Witness To The Divinity In Every Moment And Live A More Magical Life

Watch The “Release” Trailer To See The Radically Transformative Power Of This Work

This is an updated version of the original teaser for 'RELEASE', in promotion for the official 'RELEASE' trailer set to come out spring 2017. We are currently still filming 'RELEASE', and hope to be set for release fall 2017. Music by Alt-J and London Grammar

How A Divine Crossing In Los Angeles Changed Micah’s Life Forever

After a sold out retreat, Micah pictured here posed against the beautiful Hawaiian sunset

After a sold out retreat, Micah pictured here posed against the beautiful Hawaiian sunset

Micah Skye was raised in the system of Kriya yoga under the teachings of one of Paramahansa Yogananda's last living disciples Yogacharya.

Upon a move to Los Angeles when he turned 18, Micah studied at the Touch Therapy institute where he became certified and licensed in a variety of healing and yogic arts and sciences.

One day, after spending a couple years trying to rehabilitate his body from sports injuries, and being told by every doctor he met with that his options were surgery, Micah didn’t accept that he'd never walk or squat without pain again. it was then he began his journey with healing himself that uncovered the seeds of NMRT.

It all began when he moved in next to a mysteriously strange man by the name of Taman, who treated him in a deep form of body work that was very raw in its development, and abstract in application as it worked with releasing the body's bio-electricity to flush the chemical memory and activate a homeopathic response in the body.

These powerful techniques to cross laterally release the fibers muscle tissue and reset the nerves through releasing their electricity were unrefined healed Micah's torn ACL.

Despite the lack of infrastructure of a pattern to the system and a more refined development of the techniques, Micah marveled by the power of this mans hands and skills to rewire the nervous system. He saw that these techniques were seeds of an advanced system that had many parallels to the yogic sciences, and it was his divine calling to explore and develop this system and share it with the world.

For over 20 years he’s refined the techniques and patterns to apply NMRT , uncovered and developed the principles of this system, its history lost, and the true divine homeopathic potential of the human body. All while creating that embodiment of divinity in his own health and wellness that he represents at today at now 40 years old. His body is healthier now, than he was in his youth and yours can be too.

He's helped Paraplegics ease out of their wheelchairs, aided the healing of neuro-muscular diseases, and even works on his own children.

NMRT is a form of biohacking your cellular mainframe (computer) to activate our inner physician, which is imprinted in our DNA, so we may truly step into the power of healing ourselves. To step into our birthright to live a life free of our past trauma, limitations, fear, and false identifications of the ego held in the compression accumulated over time in our bodies.

For interested practitioners, he holds regular intensive trainings..

What You Need To Know Before The Lecture


Nothing is wrong with us. Everything is by divine design.

Over millennia; the shadow of death has driven the human being to transform beyond imagination.

Our supercomputer bodies have gradually evolved every tool to master reality  

In his lecture, you'll learn how to deeply understand this powerful Bio-machine and live your fullest potential.

Learn The Keys of Your Body's Adaptogenic Potential


Follow us down the rabbit hole to discover the true villain. It's not sugar, drugs, alcohol or even the authorities.

It's the trauma that's stacked on since we came out of the womb.

Ponder these questions and find the answers at the lecture.

How are we supposed to heal in toxic environments?

How do we fully activate our inner physician?

Tap Into The Power of Your Own Inner Physician


Don’t just hear the truth, see the truth.

Witness how to unlock your trauma and pain with Micah as he explores the dormant magic within.

In front of your eyes, watch Micah remove layers of trauama.

See the power of Gate Control Theory in action, enhanced by the Bioharmonic Technologies vibe-system sound beds.

As you dive deeper into your true self, witness your pain float away and be replaced by pleasure.

At the tail end of the lecture, he’ll demonstrate and teach a powerful healing technique.

Just like brushing your teeth, we’ll focus on your aural hygiene.

You’ll learn “Body Brushing", a simple daily technique to clean your aura.

For Those Devoted To Their Best Health, Enjoy Your Spring Cleaning


Micah is ONLY in town for only 10 days.

Here is your chance to upgrade your experience of life with a SPRING CLEANING.

Ready to face your fears and step into a more liberated self?

With this powerful treatment. flush your body of the toxins stored deep within your tissue from your face to your feet

See results immediately and then when you're ready to dive deeper, return for more.

Still In Doubt? See What The Great Actor Bill Murray Got Out Of This Work

Claim Your Tickets While They’re Still Here (Only 40 Seats Available)

  • Free Tonic Drinks From The Conscious Clubhouses Tonic Bar To Nourish Your Spirit

  • A 90 Minute Lecture (Remember To Take Notes)

  • Access To The Clubhouse from 6pm-12am w/ Ganja Friendly Rooftop

Door Admission is a bit more so here’s your chance to save a bit now. and be 100% sure you won’t miss this great event.

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