Namaste, My Friends


Please come and share in this unique healing experience. See what our patients are saying about their experience with NMRT.

Just wanted to express my gratitude for you. For caring about the souls who forgot to care enough for themselves, for mirroring all the qualities one loves in oneself, for sharing your gift with the world and answering the call. Your influence has enhanced my life and prepared me to face some of my deepest wounds, to tend to the broken parts of my soul I perceived to be beyond repair. I couldn’t have imagined I would find another soul worthy of calling my brother. I had many great years with a great one. When I lost him to schizophrenia I lost a part of myself. I can now start to recognize her again. I appreciate you and all of the knowledge you bring to my awareness and I just can’t thank you enough. My brother Micah I send you infinite blessings and eternal, unconditional love. Big hugs to you!
— Kristy Goslin
I tore my ACL skiing on what has been rated by Forbes Magazine as the best terrain in North America. Although I felt blessed to have been able to experience a “pow day” in the magic of the Tetons, I felt a part of me died cruising down Rawlins Bowl on a blue bird day. We take our body through the wringer, especially an specifically athletes. We push it beyond what’s humanly possible to feel alive; to breach our potential. We unconsciously believe and rely on these vessels to support us as we dance our way through life. Only until you are brought to a tangible limit, usually by an injury, do you fully hold gratitude for the body you wear. After relocating to heal on the island of Kauai, I only hoped to regain even half the strength years of sports had gifted my lower body with. I left physical therapy about 6 months early and my surgical leg had already atrophied to half the size of the other. For anyone who has ever suffered an injury, trusting someone else with your body can be beyond comprehension, so naturally I was nervous to let a stranger come anywhere close to my knee. Although Micah was a new face in my life, his awareness and intuition with my knee was more familiar and natural than I had ever known was possible. I felt more progress and healing in one session, than the 2 months I had in physical therapy. His work has given me more than hope; it has established a core belief within myself that I will renew, recharge, and return, stronger than before, to the mountains that brought me to life. Everyone would benefit from this science and it is a genuine gift to the world. Thank you Micah!
— Juliet Hawkins

I don’t have words to describe what I feel from your work. Just amazing. Thank you so very much for making it possible. Just cried like a baby for having missed my flight (was sure it was later) but deep down I know it was meant to be for I wouldn’t have made time for the work. A bunch of new awarenesses already and feels like many more to come. Thanks for being so giving. I’ll be exploring the giving-receiving natures to shift the a abundance in my life. Wearing all white and pecan now and feels better than colors for whatever is being purified.
— Catherine Garceau
Hello rainbow Skye :)
I wanted to reach out and say thank you for the other night. Through that I was able to start the healing process of a pain that I was unconsciously holding onto that was creating the suffering within me. I chose to take on the karma to release suffering from my moms “childhood experience”.
What a blessing you were and a catalyst in my growth. So Thank you, you are one divine individual and I will never forget the experience.
Sending you so much love along your travels. ❤️❤️
Keep shining and healing.
— Sarah Karges


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