Spring is a time for planting seeds for new growth for the year to flourish before the cold of winter brings death and rebirth as spring comes again is the cycle of creation and destruction that we all are on in this duality of the third density or dimension. We are also in a time of transition in the fourth density to the fifth density as a consciousness wave, and these cycles of creation and destruction is reflected down to a cellular level as cells are being destroyed and created on a daily basis. the average human being loses around a million skin cells over a 24 hour period. Every day! We are change, and are changing every day. We are also stuck so to speak in many respects in our lives. in our path and purpose, relationships, and so on. Most of our “stuckness” is sourced from the mind and ego. From our wounding. It is held in the same cells that are releasing everyday. It’s deeper though. In the age of technological advancement/integration to our reality, we’ll use a relatable metaphor. The trauma of our lives gets imprinted to our cellular “hard drive”. We have to bio-hack your cellular core processor and all of its circuits that are corroded and need to be rewired. We do this through accessing the nervous system, and releasing the bio-electricity that homeopathically activates your “computer” to reboot, and run an analysis on itself, identify any damage, and heal it. That’s actually a primary core directive of your divine organic cellular technology via the nervous system-to activate and start healing and regenerating when stimulated or touched. The deeper you go in activating the primary wires and cables / larger neural network like the sciatic and the vagus nerve. The scientific research is growing each month around the power of the vagus nerve. Experience it for yourSelf this month at the upcoming lecture and so much more. The world is getting more and more bombarded with pollution, EMFs, and radiation which means our systems are being bombarded as well. Amazingly, our brilliant technology can adapt and regenerate at an amazing level if operated properly. That is the most powerful thing you can personally do for yourSelf and the collective evolution of our people. Micah will be seeing patients from the 15th - 23rd, and will be giving a free lecture and demonstration on the evening of the 16th at 7:30PM at the Transformational Healing Universe clinic at 1649 S Robertson. You will also be able to explore an array of quantum technology that you have access to learning about and experiencing developed from the work of Reich to Tesla. Come explore the power of the inner physician with MBM & THU now as its the only thing thats real!